BookPageArt is made from books that are old, torn, tattered and getting thrown away.

BookPageArt loves to give books new life by creating original art on weathered old book pages.


Q: What page will my art be on?

We match our artwork and quotes to the books that correlate. We take special care that art work represents the book that the pages are from.

Q: Is the example page I see on the listing the same page I will receive?

The book page that the art is on will vary from the pages shown in photos.

We use all pages possible from each book to create our art. Each page is different and unique. Art is done directly on the book pages not photo copied.

Q: Can I request a Specific page or passage from a book?

If you would like a specific page please contact us to see if we have it available.

Q: How big is theBookPageArt?

Because books vary in size so does the art. We mount each page onto a black mat backing that is 8X10. So it fits perfectly into an 8x10 frame.

Q: How will I receive myBookPageArt?

All art is shipped in a protective casing with a sturdy cardboard mat to protect it from bending in the mail. In the unlikely event that your art is damaged in the shipping process please contact us.

Q: Do you do Custom Orders?


A custom order is a page request from a book that is already part of our art library. The customer is able to request a current design on specific pages of a book.

Custom Pages are an additional $10.00.

If you have a favorite passage or page from a book please contact us to see if we have that page available. 


A commission order is new art for a book that is not currently in the art library. Or a new art design for a book that is currently in the art library. 

Commissioned art price range is $90 to $150 depending on the complexity of the request. 

Please contact us for commissions.     

Q: Do you take requests?

Yes, we are happy to receive  suggestions of books to add to the current art library. 

Requests will go onto a list of books that people would like to see made into BookPageArt. The more people that request certain titles the higher priority they become.

About Us

Jen and Kristy


Book Page Art started when Jen and Kristy found a box of discarded books that were put on the curb to be thrown away. They brought them home and decided to give the books new life as art!